Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stackable - Totem - Sculpture (revising assignment)

Ceramics and Sculpture - Create 2 page spread in your Investigation Workbook
1. Explore the following links
2. Find three different sculptures or sculptors works that you resonate with -  print and paste them into your investigation workbook
3. Make a note of the artist or school that created them
4. Create quick contour drawing of each showing only the positive and negative space ( draw a border around the sketch)
5. Using colored pencils, create a color pallet for each one ( draw a border around this as well)
6.  Explain how each piece uses the elements of art and the principles of design (look closely at color, texture, positive and negative space especially)
7.  Go back and look at your rough draft plan and revise it by making any changes you think could improve it - add color - focus on how color will create unity in your piece

Elements of art: line, shape, color, space, texture, form, value
Principles of design:  balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, proportion, rhythm, variety, unity

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Help name the colors that will make our East Nashville Color Palette for the 2016 Tomato Art Festival. Let’s paint our town by numbers and celebrate Tomato Art Fest ! Comment below to nominate creative color names that will help tell the story of East Nashville’s Tomato Art Festival.

This project is in collaboration with Camilla Spadafino Art and Turbo Nashville. TURBO’s Tomato Fest pop up installation will feature this art work and will be located at the Shell Station in the center of Five Points for the 2016 Tomato Art Festival. The paint by numbers will be enlarged onto mini billboard sized panels that the community is invited to come help paint….for free!

Poster, coloring sheets, coloring books and paint by number kits will also be available to purchase through Camilla Spadafino Art . About TURBO: Turbo Nashville seeks to make permanent change through temporary pop-up installations in the built environment. TURBO is part of the Nashville Civic Design Center’s Reclaiming Public Space Initiative. It is comprised of volunteers who make several committees that meet at least once a month.

About Camilla Spadafino Art: Camilla is an art teacher who is currently teaching visual art at Nashville School of the Arts. You can find her art at East Nashville Family Medicine, 3rd and Church Health, and the Scarritt Bennett Center's Laskey Gallery. Camilla creates coloring books, paint by numbers, and is the creator of “Ms. Camilla’s Neighborhood” story portraits.