Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspiring Famous Artist for 4th Grade Graduation Program

Tears fall each year when the 4th graders graduate from Lockeland. It has become a tradition to help ease that transistion through an amazing graduation program that features the work that fourth grade clubs have done throughout the year. Each student choose a special interest at the beginning of the year and one of the special area teachers led that club.  My "Art Club" focused on working with businesses this year.  Craftville helped the students design, market and sell their own line of crafts.  Maggiano's sponsored a Children's Menu Contest and included the students in a marketing/designing meeting to get them started.  Both of these organizations visited our classroom many times through out the year and gave a great amount of assistance to the students.  To wrap up the year and celebrate through the Fourth Grade Graduation, the students voted to dress up as their favorite artist and deliver a dramatic first person monologue.  The power point above was created to support the students' messages with examples of each artists work and quotations that helped deliver some inspiring words about the artist.