Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ms. Camilla's Neighborhood

Ms. Camilla's Neighborhood is a series of  portraits featuring friends, friends of friends, neighbors and co-workers near and far.  Each 8X10 acrylic painting is created from a photograph and items representing each person are incorporated into the background with loving care. Each painting is $185.00 and comes with a free coloring sheet as the painting's companion. 

Please contact Camilla at to commission your portrait or a portrait for someone you know. 

Living in East Nashville and teaching k-4 art at Lockeland Design Center inspires Camilla Spadafino’s art which mostly centers on the theme of “community.” Studies show that being a member of a community is essential for our health and happiness. Camilla’s most recent project is bringing her a great deal of happiness because it is inspired by community members near and far.

The idea for “Ms. Camilla’s Neighborhood” began during the 2012 Tomato Art Festival when she spotted her friend Katy in a most fabulous flower hat. Camilla snapped Katy’s photo on the spot and declared that she would create “Ms. Camilla’s Neighborhood” and paint the portrait of every single person that lived in the East Nashville. Once the project began, however, Camilla realized that neighborhoods do not stop at zip codes or the end around the block but reach far and wide. Communities are no longer limited to bricks and mortar but include technology where we can connect with virtually anyone nearly anywhere in the world. Still, nothing takes the place of the human touch and although each portrait in “Ms. Camilla’s Neighborhood” begins with a photo taken with an i phone and they end with a hand drawn and hand painted portrait that is as unique as each person in the neighborhood.

Commissioned portraits start at $185.00 for an 8”X10” acrylic painting on canvas. Each commissioned portrait includes a free companion coloring sheet and will join the rest of the neighbors on the “Ms. Camilla’s Neighborhood” Facebook page. Some of the coloring pages will be compiled into a coloring book that will be for sale at a later date.

To commission your portrait contact Camilla

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