Friday, August 17, 2012

Tomato Art Fest 2012

The top two framed pieces are a collaboration between Beth Inglish and me.  We each took a canvas and painted the background and then switched and collaged atop each others painting.  We met up and selected matching frames to complete our pieces.  To- may -to  and To -mah - to,    9"X15"  mixed media on canvas 

This pieces began as a photo on my camera phone.  I snapped it when sitting across from three beautiful friends on a sofa.  I originally intended to paint a realistic portrait of them because they all looked so gorgeous.  Later in the process I found some Matisse inspired fabric which inspired me with the rich colors and patterns.
Love Apples for Matisse,  acrylic on canvas 

Thanks to the help of John Donovan and his shared glazes and kiln my first series of hand built pottery designed to sell made it to the show. I've spent years working with children in clay and made a series for my own collection but have never set about thinking of creating pieces out of clay for others to buy and enjoy.  I enjoy hand building because most pottery that you see for sale and for utiltairan use is wheel thrown.  I love the way this feel in your hands, they feel like hands made them.  Tomato Mugs, clay 

This demure pitcher and mug set are perfect for any special drink, espcially Bloody Mary's
Pitcher and Mug Set, clay  

This collaborate mirror was created by each artist drawing a name of a fruit or vegetable out of a hat. Then each of us set about the effort of creating our word on these mini 5"X5" canvases. A big THANK YOU for Linnea Cappellino and Frame East for putting this together with the mirror and frame.  The proceeds from the sale of this mirror go to Craftville.  Mirror Mirror,  mixed media collage with mirror