Saturday, September 13, 2014

Belmont Mansion Collaboration

Students at Nashville School of the Arts will soon be taking a field trip to the Belmont Mansion.  Before we leave for our experience, students will "draw" an artists name from a "hat" and learn more about their visual language. While they are at the mansion, students will look at the portraits, landscapes, still life, grounds, interior spaces, exterior, wallpapers, textiles... anything that inspires them artistically speaking "through the lens" of the artist they selected. During the second nine weeks of school, each class will have a different assignment in response to our field trip.

List of Artist

Joseph Ford
Liu Bolin
Daria Makarenko
(Art 21) Do Ho Sun
(Art 21) Elizabeth Murray - video
(Art 21) Judy Paff
(Art 21 Laylah Ali
(Art 21) Berry McGee
William Wegman

Mary Cassatt